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Developing a Theory of Change

At the start of November, the FCTV team spent time with the communities that live in the project area. We are very well aware that building trust and having honest exchanges of information takes time, but in this case we’re under some pressure to get things moving quickly. Never ideal, but we need to start putting in support services by the beginning of year 2 of the project, which means having a good idea of what sort of thing the community feels would benefit them most, as they move towards the provision of sustainable sources of protein. And of course any Theory of Change has to be embedded in practicality. That’s why we’ve just developed a draft pathway to provide alternative, sustainable sources of animal protein. As with all Theories of Change, things change and new issues emerge, so as the project evolves, and our partnership with the people evolves, so the pathway will evolve. You can check out this pathway here, but keep checking back as it's sure to change!

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