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Developing a Theory of Change (ToC)

The great thing about using ToC models as a means of linking activities to achieving goals, with the conditions that need to be in place in order to support change, is that it enables us to focus on the most important areas.  Although there are many different ways to set out ToC models, they all have similar stages i.e.





Enabling Actions

In our Darwin Initiative funded project we have defined our the Long Term Objective (what Impact do we want to achieve) as : A biodiversity benefit for Dja landscape, Cameroon, through addressing the main pressures on the ecosystem and species by an improvement in livelihoods, welfare and food security for forest-dependent rural poor

One of the elements of the ToC is developing a Pathway to Change for the provision of sustainable, legal sources of protein.  The discussions with the community so far have involved exchanges on current ways of obtaining meat and fish, and introducing ideas for the people to consider.

One thing we've already identified is that the Dja river is the preferred place to go fishing due to the size of the fish that live there.  But in the wet season it becomes difficult, because of the speed and size of the river.  The local people now have to decide what they'd like to do to make sure they have a sustainable supply of fish in the wet season, as well as looking at ways to keep more of their catch for a longer period.  Making their own decisions is critical for long term sustainability of action.  What the team can do is help them decide by going through a process with them.  Come back to this page to see what progress is being made by the people, for the people (now, where have we heard that before?)

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