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Silva Bullets

Landscape Conservation has been working with its partners to conserve what remains of the forests in southern Negros, Philippines. Several years ago, Neil Maddison, Director of Landscape Conservation, made a short video about the challenges facing the people and wildlife living in and on the edge the forest.

Now, several years later he's made another video, this time with a message of hope. The current recognition by the global community that we - human beings - need to focus on reducing global warming (re-branded as 'climate change because it sounds less scary) has resulted in the drive to increase carbon sequestration, reduce carbon emissions and reward people for doing so has had a massive impact on the voluntary carbon markets. Now the price of carbon credits is soaring. When a carbon credit registration project is structured fairly, it can result in huge incentives and benefits for the people involved. And for Landscape Conservation and its partners that means that local people must benefit the most.

See the updated video here


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