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Fondation Camournaise de la Terre Vivante (FCTV)

In Cameroon, our main partner is Fondation de la Terre Vivante (FCTV), with whom the principal of Landscape Conservation has worked since 1999.  Our work has involved considerable time and  effort in supporting the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife (MINFOF) in protecting National Parks and other areas of high conservation value.  FCTV have the role of day to day operational management in-country: responsible for the day to day implementation of the project, notably interactions with the target beneficiaries such as support for community organisation and management of the business-planning workshops, plus managing exchange visits where and when appropriate.


Read more about FCTV here.



Alianza para la conservacion de la Magdelana Medio

The Magdalena Medio Alliance comprises of 15 non-governmental organisations (NGO) who are working in the region on both social and environmental issues and who have shown an interest in working together for common good.  The Alliance was born out of an agreed need to coordinate activities so that a comprehensive ‘landscape management plan’ can be developed with input from all of the interest groups working in Central Magdalena





 In the Philippines, we work closely with PENAGMANNAKI (Pederasyon sa Nagkahiusang mga Mag-uuma   

nga Nanalipod ug Nagpasig-uli sa Kinaiyahan, Inc). PENAGMANNAKI is a local NGO working in biodiversity

protection through community-based conservation, and are based in Dumaguete, Negros, Philippines.

They have previously undertaken biodiversity studies and community engagement projects throughout

Negros, and have been instrumental in supporting the set-up of local community farming associations.

They have been working with the Barangay of the Mantiquil forest area since 2008.


One of the skills that PENAGMANNAKI bring is the ability to mobilise key local actors such as the Local Government Unit of the Siaton Municipality, as well as nationally with the CBD focal point and DENR (both local and national offices). These connections have been invaluable in gaining support for this proposed action, as well as setting in place several of the key requirements, such as the process for defining the intervention area as part of a critical watershed and a critical habitat for wildlife. In addition, PENAGMANNAKI has initiated several indicator processes in the area to help determine effectiveness of intervention actions that contribute to the Philippines’ Sustainable

Development Goals.


The Executive Director has extensive experience in community-based conservation and his shared feedback from the community has been instrumental in shaping the needs of Project Lasang Hagabat (click here for more details)



In the People’s Republic of China, we work exclusively through Global Business Nexus (formerly B&B

International Ltd) based in Beijing.  We contributed to and shaped the Master Plan for the Hubei

Shishou Milu National Nature Reserve that was received with much acclaim when we presented

the plan in November 2011 to a panel of Chinese Experts.  Since then we have continued to provide

advice on the management of the Reserve, promoting proven concepts such as stakeholder



Maja Boyd, one of the Founding Partners of B&B International Ltd has been internationally recognised as one of the major influencers in conserving one of China’s most iconic species, the Pere David deer (Elaphurus davidianus) or Milu as it is named in China.  Maja’s commitment to wildlife conservation and support to the Chinese authorities has been continued by the team at GB Nexus since Maja sadly passed away in 2016.  GB Nexus’s extensive understanding and experience of working within the business sector of the PRC brings a great set of skills to the delivery of triple-bottom-line sustainable business for the rural poor.


Read more on Global Business Nexus here.



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