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giving practical recommendations based on extensive experience

advisory services

Landscape Conservation can provide constructive advice at all stages of project implementation, from initial planning and development of strategy, to recommendations for improved effectiveness of action. For example, we advised the Hubei Environmental Bureau on how to engage with the rural poor living around a site for reintroduction of a species, and how to mitigate human wildlife conflict situations. In other countries we have supported several NGOs on improved politicking, and how to engage and support local people in environmental resource conservation projects.

Advising on the Management of Confiscated, Live Organisms to help address the illegal wildlife


Click here to learn more about our valuable work supporting Governments.  You will also be able to download a copy of the updated IUCN Guidelines for the Management of Confiscated, Live Organisms from here when they become available (scheduled October 2018)

Advisory Services: Product
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