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Cameroon branch of Landscape Conservation

We are proud to announce that we have set up a Cameroon branch of Landscape Conservation in Cameroon, for the purposes of delivering our services even more effectively in-country. We are still using the skills and expertise we have developed over the last twenty years of working on wildlife conservation through sustainable development, and retain our commitment to supporting the Ministry of Forestry and Fauna (MINFOF) in their efforts to conserve Cameroon's globally-important biodiversity.

Recognising that rural poor people, living in areas where they are facing daily livelihood challenges, we have added the words 'and Development' to our name, so that our legal entity within Cameroon is 'Landscape Conservation and Development SARL'. We are continuing to work with local and international partners in protected area conservation, and addressing threats to species due to over-consumption or illegal hunting of protected species such as the great apes, giant pangolins and dwarf crocodiles. In addition, we are currently working closely with MINFOF on the management of confiscated, live animals and plants in Cameroon, to develop more effective ways of helping to address the illegal wildlife trade that threatens many endangered species.

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