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What a Whopper!

It’s always great when hard effort is rewarded. In this case we can see the results of our ongoing engagement and support for the people living in the ‘northern buckle’ of the Dja Biosphere Reserve. The local people committed to trying to increase the amount of animal protein they could get from the Dja River, which forms the northern boundary of the Reserve. We worked with them to help improve their catch, but whilst making sure they had new buoyancy aids (see previous blog).

Here’s a spectacular result; not only enough fish to feed the family, but with a new smokery being built to preserve the fish, they’ll be able to eat a few more meals from the single catch.

Sustainability is key. We’re working with the GIC des pecheurs (fisher-people community group initiative) and the Ministry of Livestock to make sure we monitor catch, understand more about the river ecosystem and the amount of fish that can be taken without threatening local biodiversity.

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