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Community organise around improved fishing

After several months working to engage communities in the project under “alternative source of protein” activity, the project team achieved a great result which is haven in place a formal local organization of fishermen named “GIC des Pêcheurs du canton Dja-Badjoué (PeCaDja-Ba)”. This was on 17th of May 2018 at Nkolekoul, one of the 17 villages of the “Boucle nord du Dja” beneficiaries of the project. We worked to finalise the Statuts and Internal Regulation and also set up the first Executive Bureau of the GIC (Groupe d’Initiative Commune). The delegate of the Organisation is named Mr. BIEKO Basile, the Secretary general, M. SERE Etienne, the Treasurer, Mme AKALA Pelagie. This bureau will be in charge of finalizing the legalization of the GIC at the administrative level with the support of the project team and means. From now, the will be the interface between project staff and Communities in order to deliver project activity base on fishing and alternative source of protein activities. The first fishering material will be handle to the executive bureau for distribution to the 04 sectors very soon. The material is already at Somalomo. See more here

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