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GIC des pecheurs

We know people can achieve incredible things if they are given the support they need.  A great example of this is the setting up of a Gestion des initiatives Communautaires (GIC) des pecheurs, to coordinate fishing activities in the villages.  As you can see from earlier reports, by using a pair-wise comparison methodology, villagers living in the northern buffer zone of the DFR elected to focus on increasing fishing in the rivers to supplement their protein diet.  In order to work collectively, so as not to fish in unsustainable ways, communities in several villages elected to go through the process of setting up a GIC, with rules and regulations determined by the members.  FCTV, who have extensive experience of supporting the initiation of GIC, facilitated the meetings and discussions so that the villagers could reach agreement.

With the signing of the reciprocal environmental agreements (see REA section), the GIC are now able to access new equipment for more effective - and safe - fishing.

general Assembly.jpg
FCTV coordinator facilitating the General Assembly.jpg

You can read our issue on the general assemblies on our blog pages

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