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Cocoa farming

Generating cash in rural poor situations is challenging, especially when a main driver is to ensure environmental sustainability.  Both the Association de la Protection de Grands Singes (APGS) and Tropical Forest-Rural Development (TF-RD) have been supporting several communities living around the Dja Biosphere Reserve as part of a joined up strategy for encouraging new, sustainable ways of living for rural communities.  The attractiveness of cocoa farming is well established in the villages, and the project is looking to support increased production.

The process for this element of the project is as follows:

Workshops for income-generating alternative scheme

Registration process / encouragement / review

Agreements (individuals and village associations)

Discussions with experts (cocoa farming)

Production/launch of seed chains

Training/demonstrations, etc for cocoa farming capacity building

Monitoring and maintenance of cocoa farms

Technical support at all stages

Surveys/questionnaires for assessing against targets

This section will keep you updated on progress.

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